Kumain ka na ba?

Born in the Philippines and raised on California’s central coast, I grew up amidst nature’s bounty, farmer wizardry and the fishermen’s daily catch. All of that, along with Mom’s old-world know-how for putting that bounty on the table (see our version of Thanksgiving below), served as a perfect setting for a kid who would some day cook for a living.

I may or may not have spent too long at a desk job before I decided to become a personal chef, but I have no regrets. My previous career in foreign language services was educational and allowed me to immerse myself in other cultures, plus the grueling hours of project management absolutely transfer. I’d been cooking the whole time anyway, a side passion I guess. But now that passion is my everyday reality and I couldn’t be happier!

I come from one of the most food-obsessed cultures on the planet. Seriously, “Have you eaten yet?” (Kumain ka na ba?) is a standard greeting! I lean toward the same sensibility when traveling, soaking up the food culture and all the cuisine I can handle. Bold and vibrant Mexican. Wrigglingly fresh Japanese. Endless wonders of Basque gastronomy. Palate-popping spice from India, Korea, the Caribbean, the Middle East. Mmmmm shawarma…

Here in San Francisco, I cook it all. And I’m lucky enough to get to indulge these inspirations and share them by creating soul-satisfying meals that my clients rave about. Have a look around and let me know what looks good!

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I’ll just leave this right here.