How would it feel to have a personal chef come in and whip up a bunch of great dishes that you can enjoy all week? All the foods you love to eat, chosen from your own personal menu, just waiting there in your fridge. Like a dream, right? 

If you can’t find the time, don’t have the energy, or dread punching another freaking hole in your Take Out Membership Card, consider hiring a professional. Leave the planning, shopping, cooking and clean up to a passionate pro and live the dream of eating well every day!

How it works

Hire me once, once in a while, or on a regular basis. I arrive with armfuls of fresh ingredients to prepare nourishing meals that you can’t wait to eat. Drool-worthy menus are entirely based on your tastes and preferences, so you’ll always be spoiled for choice at mealtime!

Service includes inspired menus, handpicked fresh ingredients, in-home meal prep, labeled food containers and a spotless kitchen. I do the heavy lifting, you enjoy all the free time and full flavor. Eating well doesn’t get any easier.

Check out the meal plans below and click one to contact me for details. I’ll be happy to answer any questions and eager to learn about you and what you like to eat. Then we can start planning a menu that you’ll love!

Can’t wait to get started? Book a date on my calendar now!


Family Style

3 meals, family-size servings

$200 + groceries

The Workaholic

5 meals x 2 servings

$250 + groceries

The Double Date

5 meals x 4 servings

$300 + groceries

Three's a Crowd

Awkward roomie? Break bread!
5 meals x 6 servings

$350 + groceries

Chef's Table

Monthly prix fixe menu of
chef's favorites for 4 or more!
5 meals x 8 servings

$600 incl. groceries

Something else?

Nothing working for you?
Tell me about it!

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